One-to-one guidance

One-to-one guidance

Once a skater has learned basic and advanced forward and backward skating it is time for them to move on to figure skating movements such as footwork, jumps and spins. Krigor Dance LLC is well skilled in helping all ages and abilities of competitive figure skaters from roughly ages 5-30. Krigor Dance professionals excel in music selection for programs, costume design and choreography and use the most advanced and cutting edge techniques to educate skaters in power skating, moves in the field, as well as International Skating Union (ISU) leveled footwork, spins and jumping passes. As current PSA, USFS, ISI and ISU representatives, Krigor Dance professionals know how to get any skater where he or she desires to go!


Krigor Dance LLC also has much to offer fellow coaches. Again certified members of the PSA, USFS, ISI and ISU, Krigor Dance professionals are at the very top of the figure skating profession. Whether it be instructing the basic skills of proper skate fitting, skate tying or equipment choosing or more advanced skills of coaching basic on ice skills, moves in the field or jumps and spins; Krigor Dance knows exactly what is needed to start any professional on the road to professional coaching success.


As long time coaches catering to adult skaters, Krigor Dance professions know just what the adult skater wants: safety, reassurance, fitness and skill. Krigor Dance LLC has worked with adult skaters of every level for the past 15 years in all disciplines of Ice Dance, Singles and Moves in the Field. Ages 14-74 have enjoyed Krigor Dance adult coaching all while again staying challenged and fear free.


This Krigor Dance LLC program focuses on on ice comfort. Specializing in children who have never had formal instruction, Krigor Dance LLC splits children into two beginner groups: Ages 3-6 and Ages 7-14. These beginner clinics will ease the non-skater onto the ice teaching basic skills of forward skating, the proper way to fall and stand, and how to stop. The second stage of learning to ice skate includes advanced forward stroking, forward and backward crossovers, and two-foot and one-foot turns.